The Joy of Being Called “Nonna”

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For 15 years now, I have been called Nonna by the true “light in my life”, my grandson.

I found this quote, “Grandmother – a wonderful mother with lots of practice.  ~Author Unknown

Well, I don’t know if that is true.  I probably have been a better grandmother than I was a mother.  We all make mistakes with our own kids.  We are young as mother’s, trying to do what’s right, and the only training we have is how we ourselves were raised.

However, I know that I am an excellent grandmother.  Throughout the year’s, this kid has been the main focus in my life.  I have always made myself available whenever needed to babysit or pick him up at school, and so on.  I knew my role was important in his life and special.  See, I am the only grandparent that lives in town.

When I reflect back at my own grandparents, I remember how special I was to them.  The love I felt from my grandmother was like no other love I have ever experienced.  I wanted to pass that on to my grandson.  I have made sure we have a very close bond.  I can see his love for me in his eyes.  When I am with him, nothing else matters.  My worries fade away.  I am totally focused on the present moment.

I hope, for all of you, that you experience the same thing in your lives.  Nothing is more important than that we love one another.


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