How I Use Facebook

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Facebook is a great way to make connections with all sorts of people, both personally and professionally.
I have my personal site, an entrepreneur site, and a site for I like connecting with people that I meet in groups. That way, you have something in common to talk about and you feel more connected.
I also like to post comments where there are several other comments that have been made. This gives me another way to connect and interact with people.
Do you have any ideas for Facebook that you would like to share?


Summer Fun!

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Summer is so much fun!  Outdoor concerts, barbeques, swimming and hanging out at the pool, and wearing sandals.  What are your favorite summer activities? 

Remember the song….”Roll Out Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer”?  I remember hearing that song on the radio when I was a kid as we would take my dad to work so we could have the car for the day.  Of course, we only had one car back then and how else were we going to get to the pool?

Share your summer memories here.  I would love to hear your favorite stories.

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