The Importance of Bedding

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Good sleep is essential to good health.  Therefore, if you want good health, invest in the most luxurious bedding available.  Nothing delivers that great comfy look and feel like a generously filled comforter.  You deserve to invest in yourself and to have good health.  You know what they say….if you don’t have good health, you don’t have anything!

Imagine getting into bed at night and laying your head on a pillow-in-a-pillow design which combines fluffy down and resilient feathers for a comfort experience like no other – supportive yet wonderfully soft and inviting.

The feather bed your body lays on provides a more restful sleep by gently cushioning pressure points, like your shoulders and hips, and relaxing muscles.  Oh, it feels so good!

Finally, you cover your body with a down comforter filled with white goose down feathers.  It has an exceptionally fluffy look and feel, and it is perfect for year round warmth.  Your body is caressed in cozy comfort.

You too can have the same bedding provided in many upscale hotels.

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Give Yourself a Luxurious Down Comforter

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After several years of being ill and in pain, I decided that it might help me to get better sleep if I changed my bedding. So, I bought a down comforter, down pillows, and a down blanket.

I read all the articles on how to choose a down comforter. I compared companies and their products and even learned that some dinosaurs may have possessed down-like feathers.

This is what I learned. Down is a three-dimensional fluffy puff of many filaments that expand to provide softness. Down refluffs like new with proper laundering. It is natural, renewable and sustainable.

Fill Power measures down’s ability to loft and insulate. It is measured in cubic inches per ounce. Higher fill power creates a product with better loft, insulating ability and durability.

Some value priced down comforters are filled with all-natural down for cozy, year-round warmth. The sewn through box design allows down to fully loft while preventing fill shift.

Light Warmth Comforters are ideal for sleepers who need less warmth at night or for those who live in warmer climates. This means you get a fluffy feel without being too warm.

There are even medium warmth comforters. A comfort lock border means a three-sided border locks down in place over the sleeper, eliminating excess down shifting to the edges or bottom for maximum comfort.

Baffle Box – Internal three-dimensional fabric wall boxes allow maximum thickness and comfort while maintaining even distribution within the boxes. Minimizes migration of fill for maximum comfort and support.

Box Pleats are extra fabric along all four sides of each individual box, dramatically enlarging the boxes and allowing the down inside maximum room to loft. Each box is also sewn-through, thereby eliminating the shifting of down across the comforter.

Corner duvet loops are a feature on the more expensive down comforters. This is really fascinating. Japanese Turbidity Unit grades on a scale ranging from 0-550, the higher the number, the cleaner the product.

Down and feathers are cleaned using a proprietary blend of mild soaps that are biodegradable, PH neutral and environmentally friendly. This process removes dust, dirt and allergens that cause allergic reactions. What remains is clean, fluffy, supremely comfortable down and feathers and that means you can rest easy.

Feathers have flexible central quills with soft filament. They have a natural spring-like quality that provides resilient support. Feathers are natural, renewable and sustainable.

Thread count means the actual number of threads in one square inch of cloth. Higher thread count fabrics are woven with finer yarns, softer, more luxurious, more durable, more breathable, and contain the tightest weave to prevent leaking.

They are also the lightest and therefore maximize the down’s ability to loft. A minimum of 230 thread count is necessary to be considered a truly leakproof fabric that prevents down and feathers from escaping.

Look for superior quality products that provide a comfortable sleeping experience.

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