Comfy, Fluffy, Down Pillows

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Down – A three-dimensional fluffy puff of many filaments that expand to provide softness. Down re-fluffs like new with proper laundering. It is natural, renewable and sustainable.

This is different that a feather pillow.  A feather pillow still has quills which can poke through and hurt the skin.  Ouch!

Preferred in over 1 Million hotel rooms nationwide,  the  pillow-in-a-pillow design combines fluffy down and resilient feathers for a comfort experience like no other – supportive yet wonderfully soft and inviting.

We spend about one third of our life sleeping, so having a down pillow
with proper support is essential to a restful, healing sleep experience.

Note that head support is a crucial element of a high quality sleep solution. 12% of the overall length of the human body and 8% of the average person’s weight is made up by the head and neck.

Additionally, many chiropractors and other professionals note that poor neck alignment leads to:
• Insomnia
• Headaches
Numbness in arms and hands
• Daytime neck pain

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