How do I care for natural filled products?

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Natural Filled Comforters

Comforter Care and Storage

* Our comforters are easy to care for and are designed to last night after night and year after year. Here are some tips to help ensure your comforter lasts for many years:
* Use a Duvet Cover. When protected by a duvet cover, your comforter will only need to be cleaned every three to five years. Also, with a duvet cover, you won’t need a top sheet, blanket, or bedspread. Making your bed will be a flip and a fluff! Remove and clean your duvet cover whenever sheets are laundered.
* Fluff your comforter when you make your bed. By providing a steady flow of air, the down will continue to loft.
* Store your comforter in a breathable bag. Avoid storing comforters in plastic bags, which may trap in moisture and cause the fill to mildew or disintegrate.
* Redistribute the fill of your comforter as needed. To redistribute the fill of your comforter, lay your comforter on a flat surface and simply push the down in place with the heel of your hand and forearm.

Washing Instructions for Your Comforter

We hope that these simple guidelines help protect your investment and instruct you how to care for your comforter.

* We recommend you professionally launder your bedding every 3-5 years. It is possible to wash your bedding yourself, but you may jeopardize the life of your comforter.
* We are reluctant to recommend nonprofessional laundering because:
1. Home washers are often too small.
2. Most household washing machines have an agitator in the center, which places unnecessary stress on the comforter.
3. Harsh detergents and heat can cause down to become dry and brittle and will result in the down clusters breaking.
4. If the product is not dried completely, the fill may mildew or disintegrate.
5. Most fabric used in natural bedding is 100% cotton and will shrink slightly when dried.
* Should you still choose to wash your comforter yourself, please:
1. Use gentle detergents and a low heat drying cycle.
2. Be sure to dry the product completely for approximately 8-12 hours. Products must be dried in a machine. We do not recommend line drying.


The Ultimate Down Comforter

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The Stratus™ features a patent-pending design with an exceptionally fluffy look and feel. Stratus™ Pleats dramatically enlarge the chambers in which the down can loft, creating a visually stunning comforter.

Stratus™ box pleat design
Comfort Lock® border prevents down from shifting to sides and bottom of bed
Corner duvet loops
Double-needle corded edgeStratusDesign

Allergy Free Warranty

Eco-friendly alternative to polyester fibers

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All-natural products with innovative Ingeo™ fibers are made from annually renewable raw materials, such as corn.  Ingeo™ fibers outperform polyester fibers, require less energy to produce and have a smaller carbon footprint.

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